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Info: z.x-xx—

name.tag: transfektion
label: KOI8-R & f0rkb0mb GmbH
id: NaN
format: 10″ lathe cut | 33rpm
date.tag: 20180205

individually hand cut on transparent polycarbonate
housed in a transparent PVC sleeve
with an insert printed on transparent acetate
ultra limited edition of 11 numbered copies


0+1: primase.LC05
204hp digital modular system
01take \ 02tracks \ 00edits

1+0: 0fd7h+9c|sequenz.XSM_v3
additional digital processing
by kim xupei

a KOI8-R / f0rkb0mb coproduction
lathe cut by sergey komarov
play at 33 1/3 RPM

[c] 2016-2017 z.x-xx—
[p] 2018 koi8-r