F0rkb0mb to Enter Media War

To actually control information is a ridiculous notion, an unachievable expectation. We can however at least have a voice, and not allow others to speak for us, in speaking about us. Over is the time of silence, trying to stay back, then holding one’s breath and diving under, hoping not to drown in the ocean of media: its polluted waters. Beginning is a new age of toil and a level of involvement. Because if we don’t act, nothing will change. We are facing up to it, admitting our place, and taking a stance. Now we will voice it, enforcing greater truths and promoting values that mustn’t be lost. 

Before, there was not an appropriate medium through which to voice ourselves. However, now, because of developments of the label, we can address things on our own terms, and at least control these terms to the best of our ability. We are pleased to say that there is finally a source that we can verify, and others can too. Here at F0RKB0MB you probably should not expect too many words, but merely hear the voice of our actions and the focus we choose. 

It should also be stated that we will not support the thoughtless and redundant tendencies of the electronic music underground. The low standards and inability to see meaningless and repetitive concepts should not be tolerated. Using catch phrases and blindly following traditions is utterly pointless. 

F0RKB0MB strives for a greater sense of awareness: an attention to detail while always remaining thoughtful. Between the two downsides of the genre, that we mention above, exists a realm where weirdness is real and infinite; illuminating and inspiring! We will always strive for this greater realization of the dark arts. 

There is plenty of weirdness to go around, be patient……. F0RK 2007