JUST RELEASED: Bliscappen van Maria ‘Live soundtrack for aether9’ Gatefold CD F0RK-012 OUT NOW! with highest quality duotone booklet

F0rkb0mb is very proud to announce the release of our first CD by Bliscappen van Maria, ‘Live soundtrack for aether9’. In their music, you can tell that Bliscappen van Maria harness an intuitive and confident understanding of electronic music as a form. All of the pieces in the right place, every maneuver pulled off with style, and always escalating to the appropriate heights within a song. The tone never strays far from romance into the technical or stygian. They are consistent too, in their atmosphere, and somehow combine feelings of triumph, sadness, and anger together into one beam.

For those unfamiliar, Bliscappen van Maria have been active in the Geneva underground since 2003, and have since released a number of EPs and albums. Bliscappen van Maria includes members from the 10111.ORG collective.